Overcome Grief & Bring Back Poise, Presence & Certainty In Your Life

If your struggling moving forward and are still holding onto the pain of loss and are tired of the sadness and brain noise. We designed this workshop to overcome grief without it running down your immune system from the stress that often lasts for months, years and in some cases decades.


Why is Grief Difficult to Overcome?

Grief is a withdrawal symptom to address how things should have been, rather than how they are and were.

People have been sold the myth time, months, years, decades and even a lifetime. So they run old stories of the good times (+),so they don't forget the memories.

This just perpetuates a one sided perspective and puts a condition on loving them for their positivity (+) creating cycle of ups and downs. Rather than loving them unconditionally for their actual nature (+/-)

Holding a fantasies of only the good times in the mind creates the nightmare and fears to balance your perceptions. Chasing one sided pleasure causes pain. Work through your grief and get your life back on track


The Mind Seeks Balance

Over come your grief. Based on the First Law of Thermodynamics which is equivalent to the Law of Conservation of Energy, which states energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only transformed. Same goes for human traits. Until you can't see it, you perceive something is missing.

This breakthrough workshop gives participants who have lost a loved the profound experience of the realization of the conservations of human traits so they can move forward. The mind and the body seek homeostasis, the balance and equilibrium that helps bring you to a state of unconditional love so you can take the next steps with greater confidence.


Grief & Loss Testimonials

There is life beyond grief and loss

Previous Grief Over
Loss of Mother

"Working on my mother that passed away, it's something I held back mentally but once I brought it to the surface, it created new insights and perceptions of the world that is beautiful. Just gratitude."

- Andrew Fisher (Lost mother at age 6)

Previous Grief Over
Loss of Child

"I was referred by a friend after my daughter had committed suicide. Dealing with her loss and the shame was something I didn't want to deal with, but am so grateful I did. I can't recommend this enough to someone going through something as difficult.

- Anonymous (Lost daughter at 21)

Previous Grief Over
Loss of Spouse

"This is life changing - I'm grateful and wish I knew this work when my brother passed. Thank you for sharing the perfection.

- Celebrity Chef (Spouse of 14 years)


Seeing that nothing is ever gained or lost, it only transforms allows one overcome grief and loss towards experiencing the essence of love, appreciation and gratitude

If you have experienced the loss of a loved one or relationship this workshop will help you to resolve the grief over this loss. Carly and Amar will share a timeless methodology on solving grief so you can address the source of your pain and suffering to move forward and while loving and honouring the departed


Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know to live Beyond Grief and Loss

Yes. This is a live workshop facilitated by senior facilitators of the Advanced Potential Institute
No. This is a working group of individuals dedicated to personal development, growth and transformation. Often support groups allow individuals to run a story for months, years and even decades which can perpetuate grief and mourning that can potentially lead to victimhood, rather than empowerment.
Yes, the grief workshop is suitable for individuals who have recently experienced loss as well as those dealing with long-term grief. Our program is designed to address individuals at their unique stages of grief.
Individuals will work privately and have the opportunity to ask questions that will benefit others who have experienced similar loss. Sharing and understanding the experiences of others will provided additional learning and growth opportunities.
People can grieve for months, years and decades, so it surprises individuals that grief and loss can be addressed often in a single 1-on-1 session or workshop. We do this be showing a divine equalibrium unique to their lives that appears based on conservation of energy, in our workshop its conservation of traits exhibited from the one to the many.
We utilize the laws of nature, conservation and thermodynamics to show the balance and poise the work brings to the mind and body. When you want to hold onto only the positive memories and experience you admire, you develop an infatuation to them, and try to remember the good times for being a certain way which perpetuates fantasies and infatuates that create your nightmare and grief. Nature wants balance, but seeking only the positive keep individuals stuck. This workshop is designed to overcome grief and and love an individual wholely for who they were.

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