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Beyond Grief & Loss

Speaker(s): Amar Virk, Griefopedia, Carly Pepin

$ 435

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Level։ advanced

About live session

Beyond Grief & Loss Workshop
Saturday, June 29th, 2023 
10:00 am – 4:00 pm PST  


  • Learn how to master your emotions so they don't run you
  • Govern Your Perceptions About Past Challenges and Future Fears
  • Expand Your Long Term Vision & Goals in Alignment with Your New Mindset
  • Process emotions
  • See the transformation of traits
  • Overcome a loss you experiencing
  • Dissolve grief

What you'll learn

  • Clear and Concise Steps to Shift Into transform Challenges
  • Transform and Redefine Your Understanding of Death
  • Increase Your Long-Term Vision for Your Life
  • Get back to living your life

Included lessons


Amar Virk

Assisting individuals & organizations to maximize human potential to create alignment, profitability and fulfilment in business and life.

Accountability • Strategy • Vision


Accelerating the conscious evolution of how humanity experiences grief & loss through change and transformation.

Carly Pepin

Helping you to powerfully connect to your unique and inspired purpose, authentically and consistently, so you wake up daily living a life by design while feeling fulfilled and being authentic is what I do best.
Claity • Mindset • Purpose