Art & Science of Relationships 2023

Speaker(s): Carly Pepin, Amar Virk

$ 999

Included lessons: 2
Level։ intermediate

About live session

The Art & Science of Relationships Weekend Workshop 
May 20st & 21nd 2023 
Sat & Sun 8:00 am – 5:00 pm PST 

One ticket per couple is all you need to purchase to attend.



  • Learn How to Master Your Relationships So they don't run you
  • Govern Your Perceptions About Past Challenges and Future Fears Around Family
  • Expand Your Long Term Vision & Goals in Alignment with Your New Wealth Mindset
  • Process emotions
  • dissolve resentment and overcome anger
  • discover how to let go of old frustrations and 
  • learn the art and power of effective communication
  • transform your relationship so that you feel connected once again.
  • Increase Your Health and Wealth together

What you'll learn

  • Clear and Concise Steps to Shift Into transform Challenges
  • Transform and Redefine Your Relationship together
  • Discover each other's true values
  • Increase Your Long Term Vision for family, finances, goals and lifestyle.
  • One on One Support from Amar and Carly to Work on the Above Items
  • A Downloadable Workbook for You to Reference and Use in the Future

Included lessons


Carly Pepin

Helping you to powerfully connect to your unique and inspired purpose, authentically and consistently, so you wake up daily living a life by design while feeling fulfilled and being authentic is what I do best.
Claity • Mindset • Purpose

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Amar Virk

Assisting individuals & organizations to maximize human potential to create alignment, profitability and fulfilment in business and life.

Accountability • Strategy • Vision

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