Grief Workshop 2023

Speaker(s): Amar Virk, Carly Pepin

$ 449

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Level։ advanced

About live session

Beyond Grief & Loss Workshop
Saturday, Dec 16th, 2023 
10:00 am – 4:00 pm PST  


Undertaking the journey of living beyond grief and loss happens is vital for all of us. When you experience grief from the loss of a loved one or a pet, from a breakup or divorce, the loss of a business, a decline in health or a financial loss that has set you back. The grieving process is unique to each individual and can last for decades and even into your entire lifetime if it goes unaddressed. A prolonged grief process can seriously impact your health, mental well-being and finances as it paralyzes you day to day in the depression, sadness and anxiety that comes with it. You can prevent these overcompensating effects and health consequences that impact your aging and mental health by transforming the effect your grief and loss is having on you.


Amar Virk and Carly Pepin will share a powerful tool that has been used for decades to transform any grief that you have from losing someone or something valuable to you, so that you can wake up daily without the impact of the pain and move on with your life. Once you complete the process with you, you can transform your grief and get to the other side, remembering and feeling the love and appreciation for this person without the sadness and pain. experienced through this workshop, a great sense of love, gratitude and appreciation appears. 


We all want to love and be loved authentically for who we actually are. Address the subconscious brain noise holding you back from moving forward and join us for life beyond grief and loss.

What you'll learn

  • Process emotions
  • Dissolve grief
  • Overcome a loss you experiencing
  • Transform and Redefine Your Understanding of Death
  • See the transformation of traits
  • Get back to living your life
  • Clear and Concise Steps to Shift and Transform Challenges of Loss


“Our lives don't grow by chance; they develop through change, and that comes from facing our challenges.” 

Included lessons


Amar Virk

Assisting individuals & organizations to maximize human potential to create alignment, profitability and fulfilment in business and life.

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Carly Pepin

Helping you to powerfully connect to your unique and inspired purpose, authentically and consistently, so you wake up daily living a life by design while feeling fulfilled and being authentic is what I do best.
Claity • Mindset • Purpose

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