1 Click Referral Partner Program

1 Click Referral Partner Program

"You can have everything in life you want
 if you will just help other people get what they want. "
~ Zig Ziglar


Just Log in: All current & past clients are automatically enrolled in our referral partner program.


Step 1: Log into the API website

Step 2: Copy & paste your affiliate link

Step 3: Share on social or with friends & family 

Step 4: Earn program credits

Step 5: Keep growing & developing in your highest values 


Our Principles of Fair Exchange

We teach a universal equilibrium of equity and equanimity between self and other, and that's why we wanted to share our referral program in alignment with the fair exchange principles we teach in our own finance program. It's also in alignment with how we end our workshops, where we encourage you to, “get paid to do what you love.” Get paid to help serve others. 


Referral Program: 

  • 10% Commission Toward Program Credits
  • For each product, service, workshop or course booked through your link (Tracked on your dashboard) 

Benefits to you 

  • We'll focus on giving the transformation shift you experienced at our workshop to your friends, family and community. 
  • You'll earn 10% income 
  • You expand your leadership, authority and social influence as connect and problem solver for others

Benefits to us

  • We continue to do more of what we love. Assisting individuals with life-changing transformations 
  • We save on marketing cost
  • We save time by delegating that commission 

Benefits to the individual your refer

  • They get great value and life-transforming growth
  • They expand their network and meet like-minded individuals with similar ambitions 
  • They see the perfection of where they are in their journey and develop greater clarity of where they are head

Thank you for helping us awaken and expand the unique vision within the people you have referred to us. 
Working with your friends, family members & colleagues is a great responsibility we don't take lightly. 

Thank you for referring us. 

Amar Virk

Article by Amar Virk

Published 04 Apr 2023